Hey There! Thank you for your interest in our Rep Program. We are looking for Reps to help represent and grow the Minx Lit brand. Minx Lit is for the Bold, Beautiful, and Creative. We seek to partner with women who live or aspire to live the life of a Creative Girl Boss. Ideally she is between the ages of 24-45 years and is a lover of books, products and resources that will help to enhance and promote development throughout life and all creative endeavors. Each month, we will select Reps to receive a Minx Lit box to promote. Spaces are limited and only the BEST Reps will continue to be invited for additional boxes. At this moment, this program is only open to those with a US mailing address.


  • Free Monthly Minx Lit Boxes (International reps, will cover shipping)
  • Discount Codes (share with your following)
  • Social Media Features
  • Commissions (Extra Income)
  • FREE Swag (Top Performing Reps)


• Must have an active Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, or Blog account. 
• All social media platforms MUST NOT be private.
• Must have a strong following with active engagement.
• Follow us on at least one of the following social media platforms: Instagram or Facebook.
• Post any of our images with hashtag #MinxLit at least twice a month on at least one of the following platforms: Instagram or Facebook.
• Perform one of the following within 14 days of receiving your free Minx Lit box:

  • One (1) YouTube Unboxing video and one (1) supporting social media post.
  • One (1) blog post and one (1) supporting social media post. 
  • Three (3) - four (4) styled social media posts (spaced a couple of days apart)


Please fill out the application below:

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Date of Birth (Reps must be 18 years+) *
Date of Birth (Reps must be 18 years+)
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At this time, we are ONLY accepting Reps within the United States. Do you have a US mailing address? *
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Reps who are invited for any particular month will receive a coupon code that issues them a FREE Minx Lit box. This code will be one time use and will change monthly. The first Minx Lit box will ship mid- September 2017. Reps must provide one of the required social media interactions within 10 days of receiving that month's box. Do you agree to post all correspondence within 14 days? *
An ideal Rep will talk about the products that are featured in the box. She will pay close attention to detail, mention the brand names, take and include great quality photos. In addition, she will include links to and our social media platforms. Spaces for Reps are limited and only the BEST will be invited back for additional months. Do you agree to meet these terms, and provide clear photos/videos? *
There may be months where we include T-shirts in the Minx Lit box, please select your T-shirt size. *
I have read, understand, and agree to the requirements for Minx Lit's Rep and Perks Program. *
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